Also; more Hemmer!

I really think Strange New Worlds has had a good start and very Star Trek-esque stories so far. Back to the core of what makes Star Trek… well, Star Trek. Exploring space, but in actuality exploring what it means to be human. Moral dilemma, making choices, living with consequences, diplomacy, challenging oneself, etc.

Characters are actually more than just cookie-cutter, cardboard caricatures of people or already established characters. Actors do a very good job, specially Anson Mount.

More of this? Yes please!

How about munching on something while walking? Or maybe that’s a social tabu?

Eat while out for a walk?

Says something about how crappy pensions are, I guess.

Just saw the news. Very sad indeed. I know what I’ll be playing as my soundtrack for the day.

I always have liked Jesse’s stuff, from back when WriteRoom was on iOS. I’ll have to take a look and see if this is up my proverbial alley. 👍

Exactly! All inclusive, gender neutral, non discriminatory, and functional. My favorite kind of thing.

I’ve always called it Asshole In The Middle.

Indeed. But it’s how I roll. 🤣