Think I’ll try it, if offered. Usually stick to beer, but every once in a while something else is nice.

A reasonable concern. But as it has been proven, one company rarely remains dominant. Lots of small companies pick up the slack, although lacking in coherent vision and sometimes in quality.

But yeah, someone who knows what their are doing and gives a crap about customers would be nice. Also; not Facebook, because if I can choose I’d rather take Apple than them!

Either that or send beer.

Infuriating. Can’t get that they let this stuff be sold to people in a way. Can’t imagine most of them get much use anymore, for this reason alone.

If we go by the statistics I’m sure it’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Love that game to bits!

But there are just so many other great games too. All the way from small but brilliant indie titles to huge AAA blockbusters. Hard to narrow it down, really.


I am determined to make something fun out of this little 7" Windows tablet, but they sure have not made it easy for me! Nearly all the available storage space gets eaten up by Windows itself, and one can only do so much with a microSD card.

I think this will be a three pipe problem…

It was, and will continue being a wonderfully solid system. So many excellent games developed, so many brilliant little features and touches all over the system. Too bad we might not see something quite like it ever again.


This is true. Good old catch 22 got involved an now we’re stuck with (in the mobile world) ancient hardware and too slow development rate, not to mention a lack of apps. 😕

Still my “just in case” system, if iOS and Android start sucking too much.

Some people cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be bargained with. They only want to watch the work burn. Assholes…