Therein lies the problem, and why I decided against having my own company. My mental sanity was worth more than the prospect of being a serf at a huge company, and actually earning some reasonable pay.


Now a USB connected LS120 drive though, that would be interesting!

Either my search-engine-fu is weak today, or someone has silently been scrubbing the web of all mentions of the limit on Displaylink monitors per system.

It’s the ones that are just nuts that you need to stay away from.

Monthly allowances on bandwidth is so early 2000s.

As much grief as Apple and Google get for their tablets, Microsoft takes the freakin’ cake when it comes to sub-par implementations of pretty much everything. I can’t even reset the tablet on my desk without hooking up at least an external keyboard, which is just amazing.

Oh I hope not. I’m not young enough to be trendy anymore.

Yeah, the A was just the average, run-of-the-mill Constitution Refit, as far as I remember.

I don't know who came up with Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but they were frikkin' brilliant!

You know, if that series had been called Beyond and leave out the "Star Trek" part, it would have had a lot less trouble with it. From my perspective, it tries too hard to break with Star Trek conventions that it manages to look and feel nothing like Star Trek.

There are a lot of things they do get right, but it departs too far from my Star Trek. And there's the issue with the difference in technology, aesthetic, attitudes, script, and a fair bit of directing. All of discovery just feels out of place in the Star Trek universe.

I think the best thing to come out of Discovery, is the spin-off series with Pike and crew instead, on the good old NCC-1701 (no bloody, A, B, D or D). 😁