Still need to learn more Bash scripting and take another look at Auto HotKey so I can start automating even more stuff at work.

At that point, why not just go back to flat files in the file system instead? Maybe I just can't see it because I don't use such things. đŸ˜•

I partially blame Paramount/CBS though, since they tossed the lawsuit at Axanar/Ares Studios, and we never got the awesomeness that could have been.

I'd have been fine with funding them if it meant even more great Trek (of some kind) down the line. Right now, I'm less sure. Still hoping for that one better fan-made Trek to come though. Because the official stuff these days sure leaves more to be desired…

That's the kind of stuff that makes my head hurt, often times in more ways than one.

Stumbled across one of these nifty little monitor stand things with integrated USB hub, and I honestly think it was one of my better purchases in the last 6 months. Even though my main monitor is "huge", it's still not too high up for me to cause neck pain.

Those centimetres of clearance off the desk make a big difference in keeping the place easy to clean. A big win in my book!

Which is ironic, since Prelude to Axanar is still the best Star Trek that has been made since Enterprise went off the air.

Yeah, right with you there.

I get the distinct feeling that PostgreSQL isn't one of your favourites. đŸ˜‰

Well, it's at least an Amish paradise.

So as usual it's a matter of wanting a change for reasons of reason. Must be delightful to not understand what one is really asking like that. Except for us who are on the receiving end of the issue, of course.