It’s just so sad, because I really, really want to listen to the amazing guests. But then I start listening… and I can’t get past the first 5 minutes. 😑

Meanwhile, I consider Lex Friedman to be one of the worst interviewers I’ve ever had to listen to.

Are those the same developers who state they can build a better OS kernel than Linux? Because that sounds an awful lot like them.

Alright you two, I’m sold on Lower Decks now. I’ll give it a try as soon as I have some time available. 👍

Ah, one of the new ones I haven’t gotten around to yet. So it’s good, you say?

Perhaps there is hope for good Star Trek yet, as long as Kurtzman stays away.

Yeah it’s approaching cult levels of weird now. After all the stalling, the endless delays, good people dropping out of the project one by one, what’s really left to root for? Alec Peters himself? Not too much to go on there, and specially when you hear what those who worked with him have to say.

It’s downright bizarre at this point! So much potential, all squandered. It took me a good long time before I finally realized myself, but it’s just a farce at this point.

Heck, even Paramount/CBS have managed to make something actually good in the meanwhile as the Axanar saga has been going on; Strange New Worlds!

I still look back on Prelude to Axanar with fondness, because those 20 minutes are the absolute best Trek made between the end of Enterprise and the beginning of Strange New Worlds, in my mind.

Everything else called Axanar can go hide under a filthy rock for all I care at this point.

Maybe we should just sit down and make a parody, but that’s kind of hard to do given the current state of it all… practically a parody of itself as it is.

I mean, it would be a story pretty close to what Alec is familiar with, so maybe he’ll latch on?

Honestly. Axanar is dead to me. Prelude was great, but everything Axanar since has been a bad joke.

An apt description, honestly. Office 97 was pretty much feature perfect, although I’m not exactly the heaviest of office application users.


Microsoft’s biggest grift is that they have so completely convinced the business world that they “have to have” their Office package to “do productivity” on a computer. It’s honestly kind of sad.

Now THIS I have to have a play with later on! Excellent tip! 👍