I am, if anything, easily amused.

Starting to "get" this keyboard already. I might go for the slightly more hack-y enabling of the "Compose" key, and never look back. UNIX keyboards rock!


Oooooh yeah. Got the Sun Type 6 keyboard unpacked and plugged in. I must say, it feels like new. I'll give it a proper shakedown in the morning, but for now, it sure seems like one sweet keyboard!

Maybe they use alternative maths?


I still remember the Browser Wars of the 90s.


Twitter I check once a month, if even that. Facebook? Freaked me out too much, still does, not interested in becoming a member.

Reddit can be reasonable, as long as you veeeeeeeeery gently cherry-pick exactly the things you want, and never under any circumstances venture outside of them. I fail at that last too often.

Contemplating a delete on my phone as well. Far too much of an infinite fire hose of crud.


I have to limit myself to only a few minutes a week on Reddit, and only on the subreddits I subscribe to. Venturing out of that realm will only lead to headaches and uncontrollable rage. Nothing productive will come from that.

My stupidity intake quota of the day, possibly the month, is very much filled at this point.

You two just reminded me about my Palm V. I sometimes really miss that little device.


A feeling you have based on observations of people, or has someone told you so? I tend to think I talk too much around people.


Ironically, once the webOS path was set, he was a really good leader and made some good decisions. Personally, I blame Léo Apotheker more for the dumpster fire that was the whimper of an end to all the webOS tablets and smartphones.


I had such high hopes for the HP takeover of Palm, but that was swiftly crushed and tossed to the side. Probably one of the greatest tragedies of the mobile computer in the last 10 years.