Something, something, software magic.

Well, just like we should force Apple to allow other app stores on iOS, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to force car manufacturers to allow other engines in their cars.

(Might be playing the incompetence advocate here…)

Ok, PiP on the SE is just plain cool. Maybe not as useful as in the bigger models, but it’s cool to see running flawlessly at all. 👍

Since it’s now apparently possible to have a monopoly on your own products and associated things, can I complain to Volvo that they don’t let me have a Mitsubishi engine in the car? From factory, I mean.

No real complaints about iOS 14 on iPhone SE so far. I have more free storage space after upgrade, quicker app load times, and a mostly more responsive UI. I am a bit impressed, to be honest. Let’s see how that might change over the next week or so.

I'm 15 years in at this point, and all my experiences at work have proved to me that I made te right choice. I have had far fewer headaches at home, compared to the crud I've had to put up with "thanks" to corporate IT systems…

Good reminder! I need to check that out. Been meaning to for a long time, but I keep forgetting about it.

Well, I mean, I'm ok with that. It's the rest of the family that I'm concerned about.

Yurts are nice, I hear…

If it means I can drive around and make tofu deliveries, I'm ok with that.