Building my own car media center based on what can best be described as random stuff, raspberry pi, suspect software, and a janky integration of Apple CarPlay.

Very wise, if you ask me. Considering all the other evils that Paramount have pumped out the last couple of years, they don’t deserve the money yet.


It should be in the discovery timeline, but for all intents and purposes it could just as well be in the original (TOS?) timeline.

It’s far more Trek than anything else since Enterprise went off the air. Highly recommend a watch!


Have done some testing and I do like what it does. Coupled with the FilmicPro app, it’s quite a cool experience.

Totally need to do more testing and try shooting more varied surroundings in different light, but it sure is a nifty little addon!

No doubt. I’m far too paranoid to put on the summer set until at least last week of April.

Indeed! I have come to expect a brief spell of the white stuff in early April, but preferably not much more than for a few days. This year, it decided to come around mid-month, for some reason. Many people had already changed to summer tires by then.

Fortunately not. Last of that melted away about two or so weeks ago. It’s finally weather for bicycles and long walks in more comfy shoes.

Wish I could find if those here. I’d use it as soon as the snow has melted and go to work in style.

Still one of the best product unveilings I know of. Perfectly framed by the master presenter himself.

Darn it, I keep losing track of which day it is.