I mean, that's not a bad price, really. Too bad it's without a house on the land. 🤣


I can see your angle.

Personally, I'll just stick to good old Initial D and dream of owning a tofu store.


Kind of wish I could go on a purchasing spree and buy some land too. Unfortunately (?) it has all been a bit on the expensive side in my neck of the woods, at least for my wallet.


Have I, by chance, mentioned that I really hate the current housing market? Because, yeah.

So me and the family were out checking on a house yesterday. Was pretty nice, had a fair bit of stuff to do on it, but nothing insane really. Had a decent size and a very nice garden too, ready for some actual decorating and enough space for a big greenhouse. Quite the basement as well, which was a surprise, given the relatively small stature of the house above ground.

So, of course, today other people have been head over heels bidding the price up and out the proverbial wazoo, far out of my range for any house, much less one of that size and condition.

Guess it was fun while it lasted, thinking about being able to actually get a reasonably sized home. C'est la vie!

Wonder how many more people will be dying in future influenza seasons, as a result of weakened immune systems following COVID-19. 😞


Have the be the guy who bangs on the very large cyberpunk drum, but Zaibatsus are back and they look like they are here to stay.


Having a job with a reasonable salary does sometimes have its benefits. Benefits that come from a purchase of equipment from Bose.

Soon only 70 days left!!