18.2MiB is a bit on the heavy side for my tastes too. Methinks they can optimize their stuff a tad.


Fekkin’ assclowns!


Never read online comments. Few good things come from it, and you nearly always end up with a headache and burning hate for humans.


Sure, they have the potential. But I doubt that they will. Already many players on the field, and I have a sneaky feeling Faceb0rk won't let the Oculus investment wither away without a fight.

Then again, once Apple does release something, the first version is a bare-bones buggy mess, followed by quick iterating. Chances are they will RND their way into the "lead" within a few years.

Kind of hope that it will inspire others to do better, like a free market is supposed to work.


Given the circumstances, I'd say that's a fair time to start drinking.


December, and all of it. Should a trip happen, I hope to not set foot on Swedish soil for at least 6 weeks.


If you ask my colleagues, I'm sure they will say my sanity is long gone.



I know. And I'm fast approaching 1.5 years since I had a proper long time off from work. To say that I am going loopy, is an understatement.


Hm. Japan over Christmas and New Year's is looking more and more unlikely. 😕

Amazing how many videos were apparently recorded with a potato only 5 years ago. I base this on the fact that nearly all the videos I have found about the IBM Thinkpad X40 have been in the lowers of low quality.