I'm not sure we can get Dr. Noonian Soong to come work on this for us. :(


I think you are right. Clearly people are happy to stay with Twitter and Facebook no matter what either service gets up to. The bigger mass of people out there don't know and don't care, only die-hards like us do.

Oh well, it's nice to sit in a smaller sandbox sometimes. Better quality sand for one. :D

It might lead to that, yes. A difficult balancing act at best. Given what happened with ADN, though, it appears to me like the beginning of the end was the introduction of the free tier, limited as it might have been.

Invite only is a good model for social networks, in my opinion.

Difficult at best. ?

Oh I hate when that happens. I had a similar situation a few years back, where I had WiFi in one spot, but only barely. Only way I could remedy it was by a rather large antenna I found for cheap on eBay. It's still attached to my secondary router, and enables me to have WiFi connection out on the parking lot, which is some 40m away from my apartment. :D

That reminds me; I need to install a better firmware on my main router.

Looking at what most people post on Twitter, it's dysfunctional and horrible looking at best, not to mention lacking any kind of fidelity to properly express any idea to the fullest. Amazing what those 125 extra characters do, right?

Ah, gotcha'! I'm planning to roll the little buggers out to do a whole bunch of duties around the home, and even more later when we get a house. With the new Pi Zero it's cheap enough for me to deploy a lot of them without investing too much money into the whole thing. :D

I believe 16GiB is a good size right now, so you have space to grow both the system and more apps in the near future. From what I can tell, as long as it's a Class 10 card, everything should work fine.

I'm going down your route with a USB drive for storage and everything else on some network share. Depends a little bit on what the task for the given RPi is, but in a nutshell.