I'm a sucker for "dead" platforms.

Like security, efficiency, and not having to jump through fifty-eleven hoops to get simple things done?

Wedge doesn't deal well with attempting to access profile. It just crashed on me. O_o

Fourth mug of coffee for the day, and it's quite enjoyable.


It really does sound familiar, doesn't it? :D

#ADN #GoodIdeas

I rather like this small, invite-only social network.

Same web site, same search terms, a few minutes apart, different results. Now I can't find what I found in the first search, which for some reason yielded better results.

Time to hit the hay, as it were.

Personally I don't care that much for the feature right now, but somewhere down the line it would be nice to have. Private conversations (direct messages or whatever they might be called) is more interesting.

I fair bit of "out with the old, in with the new" coming up? :D