It really would. Damn I miss it as a more viable platform. Don't get me wrong, I love the enthusiasts dedication and continuing work, but having a big company to throw its weight around would be so much better. Also; new hardware made for webOS would be nice.

// @height8

@height8 Even I will have a go at making an app when you have the docs ready. :D

For webOS, of course.

@height8 Totally with you, specially on mobile. But that's mostly due to my stubbornness of not upgrading to any newer device unless I desperately have to. As a result, I don't have a whole lot of performance to play around with for constantly reloading web pages. :D

Honestly, this is all I ask for in a social network right here. Perhaps access in "native apps" for the specific platform too, but that's pretty much it!

@height8 I was going to say "Wensleydale" but then I realized what we were talking about. I think.

Vengeful headaches suck donkey-bottom!

It's a bit of an odd egg sometimes. Still, I like how it can turn nearly any old computer into something actually useful, and pretty nifty at that.

Oh right, I totally need to add a bookmark for this on my phones. Want to check it out there too, where I normally do my social network type stuff.

I like that approach. As I remember, it's what contributed greatly to ADN being a really, really awesome place in the beginning.

A guy could get to like something like this! :D