You bet. I have some learning to do. :D

Maybe we are just easy to please? :)

In other words: KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK, ! :D

If there were notifications and mobile clients, this would already be all I want and need in a social network.

Sounds like a plan, I think. We should also try to do that podcast thingy at some point. :D

At least now I now where to host my future web site and podcast endeavors. (10C, of course)

Leaving battery hog apps out of the fray also helps greatly. Was signed into Skype on the Pre 3, but it ate battery like crazy, so no more Skype there.

They porting team has made some good progress over the last two years, but it's still "only" to devices that aren't very new anymore. I fear a Kickstarter campaign wouldn't be all too successful either, despite all the passionate folks out there.


It really would. Damn I miss it as a more viable platform. Don't get me wrong, I love the enthusiasts dedication and continuing work, but having a big company to throw its weight around would be so much better. Also; new hardware made for webOS would be nice.


Even I will have a go at making an app when you have the docs ready. :D

For webOS, of course.