Yeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and say that I've heard this story before. Every single time some framework or another use a private API, it'll inevitably lead to Apple making a change down the road, be it in software or in policy, and it'll break something. Much bitching online will be had.

And do misunderstand me right; I don't condone any large company levering it's size or profitability to strong-arm any individual or small company into doing their bidding, but I can also see where Apple is coming from here. Private APIs are private for a reason, since Apple has historically changed them willy-nilly and it has broken apps when they have done.

In this particular case, yeah, it actually improved the general user experience for a lot of things, so maybe Apple could take a different approach and try to work with the electron people. But profiteering companies do what profiteering companies do. Would be nice, but if it doesn't align with their ideas of how to move forward and make more money, it's unlikely.

Besides that, what the fuck kind of a title is this? The web is not web tech based shit you stuff into an app wrapper to be sold on an App Store, regardless of which platform.

Yeah, yeah, the web will surely die because Apple is slow to adopt the latest and greatest standard that other companies dream up. Because there's just no way in the world that companies like Google, Microsoft, or Mozilla are doing stuff that spectacularly fuck up the general web experience, no matter side of the fence you are standing on.

Once more from the top; I have more than enough to bash Apple of today over the proverbial head with in regards to questionable standards on many different fronts. They mess up like few others, partly because the company is named Apple (apparently), but also because they honestly make some really weird choices.

This whinging about "Apple killing the web" is some of the most outlier bullshit I've seen for some time though.

And to top everything off, this dude posts on Medium… lovely.